What is Woobo?

Woobo is the future of Toys!


“Hi, I’m Woobo The smartest, imaginary friend a child can have.”


Well, Woobo is basically a robot. It’s an “interactive companion” for kids. I started to see ads for this just recently on Instagram and Facebook. I even saw a few videos on Facebooks…all of a sudden. This made me ask myself, “What is Woobo?”

The parent company is putting lots of money into the promotion for this product….even though it hasn’t launched yet…so, I’m guessing this will be a big hit. It may not even be a great toy, but the money that this company is putting out mixed with the fact that the parent company seems to be hitting all the major toy shows in 2017 pretty much spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S. for them. ..given the sales trends of similar toys.

The Woobo.io website says that Woobo can teach your kids:

“Woobo isn’t a teacher in the traditional sense, but rather a peer, helping your child’s imagination and developmental skills flourish through carefully crafted open-ended games, stories, and activities. 

               ………. &……….

“Woobo’s mobile app allows you to launch content remotely, send voice messages, and track information such as the development of vocabulary word clouds. Wherever you are, you always know what Woobo and your child are up to.”


“What’s important to parents? After interviewing a countless number of families with children two challenges were universal: getting kids to fall and stay asleep and creating consistency in the face of hectic schedules.”

Sounds great to me!

According to the website, you can use your mobile app to set different schedules for your child and their Woobo. It can literally be controlled from the app.

You can record a message for your child FROM YOUR PHONE and then have Woobo repeat it to your child! That my friends is super cool. This means that you can calm down a fussy baby or just send some love to your child….all from a distance. I think we all want that.

Crazy Smart. Touch of Goofy.

Who is Woobo for? –

Woobo is for kids 4-12. It doesn’t seem like it will be too hard to use but I think a child 6+ will get the most out of it.

How much is Woobo? –

According to the website, “Woobo will be priced competitively to other smart toys on the market, along with being less expensive than the various social or personal robots.”

Whatever that means!

Is Woobo Multi-lingual? –

Nope, right now Woobo only speaks English! It seems that will not be the case for too long.

Where can I buy Woobo? –

Woobo will be available for purchase as of October 2017. You will be able to pre-order it pretty soon. To find out when and how – you need to visit their site at www.woobo.io


Another good reason to view their site is….

Woobo.io seem to have contests and giveaways from time to time. I’ve spent a lot of time on their site recently doing research and I’ve seen giveaways for a Makey Makey and a Hatchimal.

Alright! That’s all for today. Please let me know if you like this post in the comment section below. Do you think you’ll order a Woobo?



  1. Daniella

    Hi Ally,

    What a fun article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    My children are 12 and 14 years old, but I am pretty sure they will love this fun toy:). My sister’s children are younger than mine, and one of them is having its birthday soon. This would be a wonderful present especially if the language is in English! You said that we have to pre-order it. Just a question, please. How long will it take to get it once we have ordered it?
    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Daniella! Once you preorder your Woobo it will be delivered in October. It is in the final stages of development right now so we have to wait a few minths for them to be built. I’m sure once they are fully released in October they will fly off the shelves so the preorder option is best to get one of the first shipments!

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Jack Rime

    All I can say is WOW! I don’t have any kids of the age that would be interested in Woobo but if I did I would buy this in a heartbeat (assuming they don’t want thousands for it :)).

    Back when my kids were little they had Microsoft Barney. Yes, that’s right, Microsoft had a plush, computerized purple dinosaur.

    My daughter LOVED that thing, and it could interact with a few TV shows and play a game or two.

    What these people have done with their APP approach is basically give this thing infinite future versatility, that is amazing!

    I’ll bet this “toy” is a hit, and coming out in October, that’s just in time for Christmas!

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi! I totally agree. This looks great as long as the price is reasonable! I can;t wait to get some actual dollar amounts from the company.

      I’ve never seen the Microsoft Barney toy but it sounds super cool. I’m sure I would have loved that as a child and I’m sure my kids would love it too. I actually just let my 1-year-old watch an episode of Barney and he was in love. LOL Seems silly since the show is so old but I guess some things never get old.

      Thanks for your comment!


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