What is Love to Learn Elmo?

The Love to Learn Elmo is a plush doll that moves his mouth when he talks. He sings about 10 songs, laughs, and plays games with your child. It even has an app that can be connected to your toy via Bluetooth! Once you are connected, Elmo can say your child’s name and can guide them through games on the app.


$25 – $40

Age Group:

6 months to 4 years

Need Batteries? :

Yes 4 AA (not included)


 Our Experience

This toy was bought for my youngest son, Korey. He was 18 months when I got it and he loved to watch the Sesame Street songs on YouTube and could recognize who Elmo is.

I thought he would be so excited to play with Elmo especially since he could say his name. Well, I was wrong big time. I ordered the toy on Amazon and it came 2 days later (I love Prime!). I was obviously super excited to show it to Korey.

Silly me…

I didn’t realize that it didn’t come with batteries so I had to run back out and pick them up. Once I got them in, Elmo came to life and started talking right away. Korey quickly realized that Elmo laughs when you tickle him and he had fun with that for a few minutes and then walked away.  HAHA!

I took a few minutes to download the app and to turn on the Bluetooth on my cell phone. Elmo linked to the app right away without me doing much which was super exciting. I usually don’t have much luck linking to things via Bluetooth.

ove to learn elmo toy


I typed in Korey’s name and Elmo was able to say it without modification. Then, I moved on to the games section. Korey clicked on one about colors and then walked away again. He kept turning around when he heard Elmo talking but he never came back!

Our Experience Turned into My Experience

Korey hasn’t picked up this Elmo doll since that day. Even after several of my attempts to get him interested he couldn’t care less. Usually, any toy with music interests him but clearly not this one!

I’m really hoping that after some time having this around Korey may want to play with it some more. As for now, Elmo sits on his toy shelf along with the other doll-like toys I’ve gotten Korey.

I myself had some disappointments with this toy also. I wasn’t thrilled that Elmo only speaks English. I try my best to expose my children to as many languages as possible and I find that it is really hard to do that when it comes to toys. We speak English and Spanish in our home so I try to find toys that have both settings but there aren’t many.

Who is this toy really for?

In my opinion, this toy is perfect for a child under the age of one or a die-hard Elmo fan. The doll itself isn’t fluid enough to be a great stand-alone toy. Here’s what I mean by that….when Elmo “talks” you hear the motor inside. My 6-year-old son also pointed out that it’s sort of creepy that the eyes never blink. Haha. I didn’t notice it at first but once I did, I wasn’t able to get it out of my mind.

Another thing that would make this toy better would be less repetition in the phrases. Now, this may sound weird since young children love and NEED repetition. But, once a song finishes, this toy goes right back to it and doesn’t offer another option. So you kind of get stuck in a loop of “The Rectangle Song” or “The Circle Song”.

There may be a time in the future that Korey grows to appreciate this toy more, but for now, it’s collecting dust!


Has your family had a better experience with this toy or any other Elmo toy? Let me know in the comment section below!

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