Welcome to What’s the Fuss Kids?!

Here at What’s the Fuss Kids, the main goal is to help parents understand those crazy little people that we love so dearly….OUR KIDS! I gather as much information as I can from my kids (3 busy boys)!

What you’ll see here:

All day every day, I take note of ALL of the games, clothes, toys, and stuff that my kids are excited about and then I find out What’s the Fuss! I love to get into the same things that they are into as much as possible. Mostly because I feel like that is the best way to truly understand them.


New items and reviews are added on a regular basis so, don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you will have quick access to it! Also, leave me a comment if there is anything in particular that you would like to see added to the site. I LOVE to hear what other parents are experiencing with heir kids!


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Talk to you soon!

~Ally (What’s the Fuss Kids?!? Admin)