Mario Kart 8 Mini Anti-Gravity RC Racer

Ready for some Mario Kart 8 racing in real life?

The Mario Kart Anti Gravity Racer is a remote controlled car for young children that brings the Mario Kart 8 experience to life. With 2 driving modes, 100′ range, and the ability to spin 360 degrees this car is like no other. You can perform tricks and drift with the push of a button!


$35 – $40

Age Group:


Need Batteries? :

Yes 8 AA (not included – comes with temp demo batteries)

Our Experience:

This car is GREAT and HORRIBLE at the same time…let me explain. Korey, my 2-year-old got this car as a gift from my sister on “Family Day” (our family’s self-created gift-giving holiday) this year. Most of his gifts last year were geared toward learning so this year we tried to focus on fun!

When he first saw the car in the box he was amazed and excited although he put it down after about 2 minutes in an attempt to spread the wrapping paper all over the house. Around 5 minutes later my 2 older boys were anxious to open it so I gave in.

I checked out the box to see what age it was suggested for and I was surprised to see that it read 4+. I didn’t notice any small pieces and the controls look Mario Kart 8 Anti Gravity Racer in boxsimple enough for a small kid. Since my older kids were already interested, I knew it would be a hit in my house.

Once we got it out of the box and tried the remote, we could see that the batteries needed to be changed right away. Although they did move the wheels from regular to “hover” mode, they were not strong enough to move the car.

Korey only wants to sping the car in a circle over and over again while switching between driving modes (which did make the wheels get stuck a few times). His older brothers were very interested in figuring out how to do the tricks mentioned on the box and online. They were able to master he wheelie pretty quickly!

Mario Kart 8 Anti Gravity Racer Tricks

After about a half day of play, the batteries needed to be changed yet again. Since batteries can be pretty expensive now, it was frustrating as a parent to need to replace them so quickly.

Need for Speed

The boys were super excited to see how fast the car went especially on our carpet. We have had a few toy cars that didn’t seem to have the best wheels for riding on the carpet in the past so this one was a pleasant surprise to us all. The speed helps when performing tricks and turns. We were even able to create a short obstacle course and take turns driving through.

After replacing the batteries another 3 times, we decided to put this car to the side for a while since we do own a few other cars that do not eat through as many batteries. It’s lots of fun, goes fast, and does some pretty cool tricks so I’m sure it won’t stay in retirement for too much longer!

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  1. Marty

    My 6 year old nephew has one of these little racers. He loves it!

    But, it sure goes through the batteries quickly since he is constantly playing with it. So, my sister bought some rechargeable batteries and a charger which solved this problem quickly.

    I even liked playing with it myself and I am tempted to reward myself with one and just not tell anyone. LOL

    Maybe, I’ll buy one for my friend’s son who has a birthday coming up soon.

    I really enjoyed your review!


    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Marty!

      I think I will go ahead and get those rechargeable batteries prior to bringing this car back out. That’s the perfect fix for our issue. Be sure to invite us over for a quick race when you go pick one up for yourself. I’m pretty good!

      Thanks for your comment!




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