Vtech Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Review


Deluxe Version – about $50-$60

Age Group:

2 Years+

Need Batteries? :

Yes 4 AA (not included)

Our Experience:

This was another purchase for my youngest boy, Korey. My mom bought it for him when he was about 1 year old. 

He is pretty advanced for his age but I must admit, he wasn’t ready for this one. This table is WONDERFUL! It has so many features, we discover more and more things every day!

We got the deluxe version. Mainly because at the time of purchase, we didn’t know that there was another version available.

This set has 2 play modes called Activity mode and Music Mode. The top of the table/desk has the complete alphabet written out with a little picture to go along with the letter.

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair Review


About $25 – $35 online and in stores

Age Group:

Toddlers 12 Month – 3

Need Batteries? :

Yes 3 AA

Our Experience:

I got this chair for Korey when he was about 9 months old. He had just started walking and was having a hard time climbing up and down from our couches and chairs since he was so short. He wanted to have a place of his own to sit.

I looked around online and I found this chair. I also saw a commercial for it on tv and I thought it looked pretty cool. We picked it up from Walmart one evening and brought it home….only to realize that we didn’t have any batteries for it! (How did I forget the batteries????)

We got the bottom piece attached and Korey ran right over to it. He knew it was for him since it’s pretty small. He didn’t care that the buttons didn’t respond so we actually left the batteries out of it for a few days. I think he was just happy to have someplace low to sit and climb.

Fisher-Price Book on Chair

He likes turning the pages on the little book attached to the arm rest but his favorite thing about it is that he can lift the little seat.


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Best Kids PS4 Games

Playstation 4 - Slim Edition
Playstation 4 – Slim Edition www.playstation.com

Looking for Games for Kids to Play on the PS4?

My husband has a PS4 and my kids try to take over it all the time. Since the system was originally purchased for my husband to use, we didn’t have many games for the kids to play.

We did some searching around and found a few games that the kids can play.  It was cool to see that some of these games were the same as the games featured on my online games list. Overall, Playstation has a pretty big selection of kids games for the PS4 so let’s go through some of my favorites!


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

I think the Lego team has created a game for every kid. The Marvel Super Heroes edition is a staple at my house. It has a multiplayer option which is obviously important if you have multiple kids in your home. Each mission unlocks a different superhero with a different special power. My kids like it because it has a multiplayer option which is obviously important if you have multiple kids in your home.

Each mission unlocks a different superhero with a different special power. First, you play the mission with the characters provided and once you complete the mission you can go back and play it in Free Play Mode which allows you to use any character that you have unlocked.

Some of the tasks require a special skill which allows you to play each mission multiple times through and discover new things each time. My kids like it because the characters make lots of jokes throughout the gameplay so it never gets old!

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