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Not My Hands Kids Challenge Ideas!

Get Ready to Laugh Have you seen the “Not my Hands” challenges going around on YouTube? In these challenges, Player 1 does the talking and doesn’t use their hands at all. Player 2 stands behind […]

5 Long Spinning Fidget Spinners

Looking for a long spinning fidget spinner?   Okay everyone, today we are going to talk about Fidget Spinners. If you don’t really know much about them you might want to take a few seconds and […]

How to Make 2 Ingredient Slime at Home!

Who Doesn’t Like Slime? In case you haven’t heard… SLIME IS IN! If your 5- 12 year old has been on YouTube within the past few months, they have probably seen a DIY slime video. […]

Top Cheap Toys Your Kids will Love!

Kids Toys Under $20 Personally, I love the look on my kid’s faces when a box gets delivered and they find out it’s a gift for them! Most kids want as many toys as they can […]