No wires, No batteries, No Limits on Fun!

Let me take you back to the “good ol’ days” where kids could play for hours without having to recharge their toys……………

When I was growing up, my siblings and I didn’t have so much technology (born in the late 80’s) to take up our time. So we turned to board games and other activities. I rarely was bored and I got lots of exercise in so I see no harm in telling my kids to take a break from their screens and enjoy time with each other or even alone…as long as they have fun (and don’t break anything)!

That was then and this is now….

Now, more toys “do stuff”. They move, they talk, they even interact with our kids. So, it’s important that we as parents understand these toys and games. We may even find out that we like them for ourselves! (I play with my kids stuff all the time)

Here are some ideas for fun things your kids can do at home. If you’d like to purchase any of the items you see mentioned on this site, just click the pictures and links on each post or check out the store!