Best Cool Science News for Kids

Find the Best Cool Science News for Kids Online

Below are my favorite 2 websites that I use to help my sons with their science homework and questions. They often come to me asking the craziest questions! Where do I go to find the answer….NOWHERE. I have them research the topics themselves. We do it all online with the below resources!

A great site that Offers 55 free videos with TONS of easy yet super fun science experiments to do at home. That’s over 110 hours of FUN! I use these to give me ideas when I think the normal “make a volcano” idea isn’t enough. Sometimes science experiments get us through a raining or snowy day. This includes making slime and oobleck which gives us a chance to take about how each item affects the next. Those conversations aren’t really easy to have without prompting and a physical example!

Science News for Students

This seems like an obvious one right! I found this website while doing homework with my first grader. They feature hundreds of articles all sorted by topic. This has been a LIFESAVER!

My favorite thing about this site is that the articles are packed full of interesting facts that can make mini reports for your kids. Sometimes, I take a look at the site just to see what’s going on in the world.

When my kids need to find science news, another thing that we do is look at the major news networks. Once my kids see or hear something that is interesting to them, we go to the web to find more facts.

Do you have a favorite resource for kids Science news?

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