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                           Best Online Gaming Sites for Kids                            Updated with links!

Are you looking for some online fun for your child – Below is a list of the best kids online game sites that are sure to entertain your kids! I will add new games as I find them. Feel free to send me games to add in the comment section.

FREE Online Game Sites for Kids!!

Nick, Disney, Nick Jr. and Disney Jr.  – The site features lots of games with familiar characters that pull kids in right from the start.

Best Online Kids Games

This site has tons of game but it also has lots of ads. So, be careful if you let your child use it alone! You’ll find games with familiar themes like Minions, Dora the Explorer, Lego Batman, and Barbie. The cool part is they also host streams of new yet fun games that deal with time management and color matching.

The games featured on this site will be easy for kids to learn since most of them are online versions of mobile games that are super familiar.

Kids and adults love this game (my husband and I play for hours…don’t judge us.) This is a remake of the old snake game we all played as kids. You slither around the playing field growing by collecting dots. Don’t forget to trap other players. When another snake bumps into you, their game is over and they turn to dots! Eat them up! Also on mobile

Gameplay Hint:

From my many hours of practice, I’ve learned a pretty solid method of taking over the game! When you first start out, you’ll be pretty small. Use this time to find bigger snakes kills, and squeeze between the larger players to eat up the glowing dots.

Once you get a little bigger, find some smaller snakes and trap them by wrapping your whole body around them. Be sure to make the circle smaller as you pass around them.

You can also wrap yourself into a small coil and let the bigger snakes attempt an attack, once they get close enough, jump out in front of them so that they run into you!

Thank me later…  😉

Similar to The goal is to eat other players and grow larger…be aware…the larger you grow, the slower you are! Also on mobile

This game features pretty cool skins that you can earn by gaining authority within the games. Your level will increase as your blob grows and you earn more points.

I’ve found that although similar to, you need to take your time to plan ahead slightly more when playing this. Mainly because of the speed changes. Those little guys move around a lot faster than the bigger players!



Minecraft “Demo” –

The full PC game costs about $26 but the demo is free! This game is sooo much fun for kids. If your child likes to build things, they will love Minecraft. It is all about mining different materials and building whatever you want.  “Pocket” Version available for purchase on mobile. 

Minecraft has tons of expansion packs that can be bought (similar to the Sims series) but we’ve found that the main version is sufficient for our house. My boys love to play the tutorial level becuase it is already pre-built and they can just add to it.

There is a really colorful Mario themed level that features all of the staple elements from traditional Mario game – “?” blocks and all!

Funbrain logo

Fun Brain

This site features TONS of fun educational games and splits them all into categories such as videos, math, and reading! I love it because it has the option to sort the games by your child’s grade level.

Even my picky 6-year-old enjoys this site. Let me tell you, that’s not an easy feat when it comes to educational games!


Hello, Neighbor! Hello, Neighbor!

Hello, Neighbor (Being Released Summer of 2017)

The full game hasn’t been released yet but for now, you can play the pre-game release downloadable demo. In this exciting kid’s “suspense” game, the mission is to get into your neighbor’s house! I can’t wait for this release!

We’ve watched tons of YouTubers play this game in all of it’s released phases and I’m pretty sure I’ll play this while the kids are asleep at night…just to get the upper hand.

The neighbor is hiding something in his basement and it’s your job to sneak in and use anything and everything around the neighborhood to find out what it is!


Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

Similar look to Minecraft…my 6  and 8-year-olds love it! I don’t like it as much as the others since the whole point of the game is to shoot the other players. I do like the fact that the shooting is not realistic at all. It’s innocent enough…I guess.

This game was released around 2013 and has had many updates since then. There are tons of weapons that can be bought after winning matches and earning coins. There is also a daily spin feature that allows you to win jewels and coins instantly


Sprout Logo


If they like the channel, they will love the site. Let your young child have all of the Chicka fun that they want!

You’ll find lots of fun and educational games and videos here. Most are suitable for younger children but the songs are so catchy, my older boys tend to join in with my youngest.

Since Sprout is a kid friendly brand all around, you don’t have to worry about ads taking your child off to a potentially dangerous site offsite. This is major when dealing with our precious little ones!

Click here to enter

Dan-Dare –

This site is great! It features vintage and new games that are all free and be played right from the browser. They have games like Simon, Tetris, Mario, and Crash Bandicoot!

The graphics on these games are not the best but that is to be expected when you are dealing with games that were not really built to be played on a streaming site. Another minor issue is that the load time can be longer than some of the other sites on this list.


More games to come…In the meantime please leave a comment below on some of your kid’s favorite online games!


  1. shrey

    Hello Neighbor and Agario are so much fun to play. i got to know about Agario from pewdiepie’s video and it was surely one funny gameplay.
    I will try the rest of the games as well. Even though I’m not a kid but my niece lives to watch me play these games and it is definitely more fun to spend time with her with these game ideas. Thank you.

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi! Hello, Neighbor is so fun to watch so I’m sure to play it ia even better. I love to watch youtube gameplay videos with my kids too. I think kids like it when we get on their level and enjoy the same things as them!

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. sharoncl

    Hi Ally, I am a big kid when it comes to online kids games , the hello neighbour one looks fun i will be looking out for that in the summer.
    I love platform games, it will be great to see what games you have in the future.
    Your information on games is great and helpful.
    Crash bandicoot and sonic the hedgehog are also good ones.
    I look forward to viewing your page again .

    1. Ally (Post author)


      I love crash Bandicoot. We play that on our Playstation 4. I’ll be adding more games to this list in the near future so be sure to stop by and check it out!

      Thanks for your comment!


  3. Penny

    Wow, thanks for the great review about kids games online. I don’t have kids but when I babysit for my friends, it’s good to have an idea of recommendations on how to help entertain them. I was born just before all this technology stuff and I’m not someone who plays games online, but it seems like every toddler out there has an ipad and knows how to use it! I think it’s important to steer them in a direction that’s educational and positive.

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Penny!

      I totally agree. Technology has taken over the kids of today. I remember I used to sit out on our front steps and play jacks with my friends and jump rope in the street. My kids love anything that “does something” on its own. Ha!

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Kristen!!!!!!! I have no kids, and I play this! I got hooked when my nephew showed it to me while I was visiting a few weeks ago. It’s a great way to kill time in line at the grocery store. It brings back so much nostalgia for playing snake on my old Nokia brick phone. Now if only I could convince him to play Crash Bandicoot with me…

    Oh yeah, I was going to say great reviews they were super helpful and I will be making some recommendations to my sister other safe online games for her son to play based on this page.

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Kristen! If you like you will also like! It’s not as pretty but it has the same basic concept. The challenge is that you are now a sphere (a blob) and you slow down as you grow from eating the other players! Give it a try and let me know if you like it.

      Thanks for your comment!


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