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Finding Cheap Clothes for your Kids Online!

This may seem like common sense to some but to some others, this may be a stumbling block. Some kids want to be stylish and totally in line with what their friends are wearing.

My niece is was at that point a year or 2 ago. She’s 15 now and she has developed her own style. My boys are much younger and don’t really want to wear clothes anyway so they could care less what I put on them. That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t DIE to have a superman shirt!

According to this article released by, we spend tons more money on our kid’s clothes in their first 2 years than we do until they are 9 (I know…we can’t help it)!

How to spot a good deal when shopping for cheap kids clothes online

My best advice would be to shop around and compare prices before buying the very first thing that catches your eye. For example, why buy 1 shirt for $25.00 from the big name stores (You know who they are!!) when you could buy a pack of undershirts by a different brand for $10.00 and a nice shirt for $15.00 online?

You should always look for packs of things when it comes to underclothes especially. You should also try your best to not buy something the very 1st time you view it. When you rush a purchase, you are more than likely going to pass over the big deals that are available to you.

Most of the time, by simply clicking around online, you can find a deal where you can find the same item with an outright cheaper cost or shipping! Who doesn’t want to save money?

Amazon and Ebay

I LOVE Amazon and Ebay for shopping for cheap clothes for my kids online. I like it because I can watch the trends in pricing for each particular item. I can also look what other people have bought, usually, that leads me to some great deals.

Another great thing is that you almost never have to worry about a pricing issue. Nobody wants to fall in love with an item and then realize that it’s out of your budget.

French Toast

French Toast

French Toast - America's Most Popular School Uniforms for Less!
French Toast is a great place to look for uniforms for your kids.

Uniforms can be very expensive, especially when you need to buy for multiple kids.

I would suggest taking advantage of the off-season deals that French Toast has to offer. Here’s a deal I found on their site!
4/19-4/30- Get 30% OFF Polos & Shorts + Free Shipping $99 at Use Coupon Code: QWFT30



Do you shop on these websites? Why or Why not? Let me know below!