Best 5 Story Books for Kids

Best 5 Story Books for Kids

 Waiting is Not Easy!

Elephant and Piggie are the funniest animals around. Piggie has a big surprise for Elephant but there is one problem…..the surprise isn’t ready yet so Elephant must wait! As we all know, waiting is not easy. Elephant must be patient until the surprise is ready. Can he be patient?


The Day the Crayons Quit

The great thing about this books is that it can help brings out imaginative thinking for your child. Duncan wants to color but when he opens his box of crayons he discovers that his crayons have QUIT! The art is amazing and the story is even better.



 The Day the Crayons Came Home

Duncan was able to settle his crayons down and stop them from quitting. Now, he gets a call from another group of crayons asking for his help. They need to be rescued from everyday crayon situations. This books will definitely help your child imagine what it would be like to walk/roll a day in the life of a crayon

I’m Bored

Author/comedian Michael Ian Black brings his witty humor to this tale of a young girl that is on a mission to prove to a potato (yes, a potato) that kids are not boring. How silly is that? HAHA The uninterested potato will soon find out how exciting it is to be a kid!



The Book With No Pictures

In this book, you will notice that the title is quite intriguing and straight forward, A story book without any pictures! The use of word play and humor will hopefully help your child see that the pictures in a book are only half of the story. (see what I did there?)


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6 thoughts on “Best 5 Story Books for Kids”

  • Oh yeah! I’ve read ‘The book with no pictures’ in my native language. Actually, I was reading it to my children (4 and 7 y.o.). They were laughing like crazy. Great choice!
    I don’t know the other books you recommend, but if you like this one, I’m sure you have chosen something really good.

    • Hi, Zbigniew! Isn’t it great. It’s always good when you find a book that interests kids of all ages! What is your native language? At my home we speak English and Spanish…maybe I’ll pick it up in Spanish to see if my kids have the same reaction!

      Thanks for your comment!


      • Hi, Ally. My native language is Polish.
        ‘The problem’ with this book is that you have to be ready to make fun (or even a fool) of yourself in front of children. They love it when an adult acts silly 🙂 And you know what, after I’d read the book to them, the older one took over and started to read it to the younger one. After a while they both were making up their own ‘stories’ and having great fun.

        • Hi, Zbigniew!

          Haha…yes, you must be open to your children laughing at you! My kids had no problem telling me how silly I looked to them. It’s great when you find a book that fits all age groups isn’t it!

          Thanks for your comments! Be sure to visit again soon.

  • I wanted to gift my nephew something for his birthday and since I have not spent my time with him, I really have no idea about his likes and dislikes.
    The books you have mentioned here are pretty amazing and it would really help me if you could suggest me a book which would be more suitable for a 11 year old kid. Thanks

    • Hi! For an 11-year old, I would suggest something the like Edge of Extinction series if you are looking for more of a chapter book or Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH if you want to keep the picture book feel. They are both great options and you pretty much can’t go wrong with either one. Both of these have great story lines and tap into a child’s excitement factor!

      Thanks for your comment!


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