5 Long Spinning Fidget Spinners

Looking for a long spinning fidget spinner?


Okay everyone, today we are going to talk about Fidget Spinners. If you don’t really know much about them you might want to take a few seconds and check them out on YouTube.

I’ll wait…..

If you took my advice and checked them out then you definitely want one now! When looking for a fidget spinner, you want it to spin….FAST. But, fast isn’t always enough. To pick the perfect fidget spinner for yourself or your child, you need to decide on what material you would like it to be made of, what color you might like, and what shape you want to try. Every variation will yield a different result. The good thing is that most are cheap enough, if you don’t really like one, you don’t feel too bad buying another one.

Our Picks

We have a bunch here at my house and we all have our favorites for different reasons. I personally go for the smoothest with the most weight to it. I also prefer metal over plastic. It’s really soothing to me. Our 8-year-old seems to like the ones that have some sort of special effect. He really likes the glow in the dark spinners. My 6-year-old picks his favorites based on the look and doesn’t seem to mind whether it’s plastic or metal.

Take a look at what I found!

 Orpard Tri Fidget Spinner

The makers of this beauty claim it can get a spin time of 5-8 minutes. Since most spinners spin between 1-3 minutes, if their claim is true, this is a real gem.

Since it is made of metal and claims to spin so long, I was very surprised that it cost less than $15 (at the time of my research).

Be careful when spinning this one though, Lots of the customer reviews mentioned that the center finger pads came off pretty easily.

Styles II Fidget

This spinner is not just a toy. It’s heavy duty for sure and it’s priced to match. At just under $30 you want to be sure to do your research before purchasing it!

Made completely of brass, this spinner is hefty and guarantees a good spin. You have the option of a tri spinner and a dual spinner. Which should you choose? Pick based on your preference. The average spin time on this one is about 7 minutes.

SPARIN Spinner

This spinner is not just a unique shape, it also has the quality spin to back it up. The SPARIN spinner looks like a gear and is made of ceramic.

The best thing about this spinner is that it doesn’t wobble too much when you spin it. It is super smooth!

ATESSON Fidget Spinner

Okay so yes it’s BEAUTIFUL but what else? This unique spinner is metal and has a 5-7 minute spin time. Not too bad! The downside to this is that the finger pads screw in place.

This spinner received 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and seems to be very well liked. I noticed that a few people mentioned that even after suing it for quite some time, no oil was needed to loosen the bearing.

True Spinners Fidget

With a gold plated finish and metal interior, this spinner is pretty heavy. To me, heavy is a good thing. But if you prefer a lighter feel, this one isn’t for you.

This spinner has an average spin time of 7 minutes and is a top performer on Amazon also. In my opinion, although the price is pretty hefty, it is worth it because of the consistent performance.

Tips for a Longer and Smoother Spin

Most fidget spinners will need to be cleaned at some point. To do this, get yourself a can of compressed air and machine oil.

  1. First you want to remove the finger pads which are usually either press on or screw on.
  2. Next you should use the can of air to spray between the small metal balls in the bearings. *Be sure to use the extender that comes with your can of air. That will make it a lot easier to get between all of the metal balls.
  3. Use 1 drop of oil per bearing. This will make your spinner quieter and spin longer. *Using more than one drop will actually DECREASE the length of your spins.

Want to Make Your Own Fidget Spinner?

Take a look at the video below. Karina Garcia does it again…and without a bearing!

Long gone are the days that you can’t DIY almost anything!

If the examples of DIY spinners didn’t tickle your fancy, go ahead and search for them in YouTube and you’ll see that there are plenty of other options to choose from.

There are plenty of different YouTubers doing this. Some use bearings and some don’t. Find one that you like and give it a go! I myself want to try the crayon version that Karina Garcia made above. My middle son thinks that if he spins it fast enough, he may be able to make swirls on paper.

I think it’s important, especially for children, to see that although you could easily buy the things you want, sometimes it’s even more fun to make it yourself at home!

Do you have a favorite spinner? Tell me why you like it in the comments below!




  1. jeffrey16201

    Interesting and helpful article on fidget spinners, they never had such products when I was kid or even when my sons were boys.

    Your choices of spinners are interesting and helpful for choosing one for yourself or another person who might enjoy this product.

    These seem very well built for their cost, this might make a nice Christmas gift for someone on your list this year?

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hello! Yes, these fidget spinners can help children and adults in need and they are also quite entertaining. I was going to say that we wouldn’t be buying any more fidget spinners for awhile since we have quite a few. But, as I was typing that, my husband walked in the room with a Captain America shield spinner and it’s great! HAHA.

      Thanks for your comment!


      1. Ray Bronk

        Hi Ally, When I tried to go to the websites for each of these spinners, it said page not found. Could you please go back and post the actual link? Thank you

        1. Ally (Post author)

          Hi, Ray!

          This reply is long overdue and I truly apologize for that. I’ve been tending to some family matters for the past few months and have just recently gotten back to the blog.

          In response to your comment, I actually went ahead and wrote a new article! The spinners featured in the old article are no longer available so I researched and developed a new list. You can find it here>> Pt 2 – Long Spinning Fidgets.

          Please take a look and let me know what you think!

          Thanks for your comment!

  2. Minhaj

    These seem to have exploded onto the scene out of nowhere. They are rather addictive even for adults (guilty).I really like the look of the Atesson fidget, the metal along with the colour really makes it glow. can you do any tricks with your fidgets? I tried spinning one on my finger like a basketball, haven’t mastered yet, but will not give up!!
    Great Article

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi! my son actually taught me to spin them on my fingers and toss them from one hand to another. You have to have a really well balanced fidget to make the tricks work. I’m sure you’ll get it if you keep trying!

      Thanks for your comment!


  3. stephanie

    wow i never knew there was so much to learn about fidget spinners. i am obsessed with my niece’s even though im an adult haha. It really does occupy me and stops me from tapping my feet or fidgeting in other ways. Its so interesting how that all works. no wonder they are so popular, there is a lot to them!
    this is a good resource

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Stephanie!

      I agree, it’s crazy how our bodies sometimes crave to keep moving even when we are focusing on something (at least our brain is trying to). You should also check out the Fidget Sticks…I don’t think they will be as popular as the Fidget Spinners but they may help with fidgeting and help you to not feel like you are playing with a “toy”.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Marlaine

    These spinners look fabulous – especially the Atesson one – it’s beautiful! I like a heavier one in my hand, personally. Maybe I should check it out.
    I like what you said about teaching kids to DIY things, if possible. I saw a clip about DIY’ing a Lego fidget spinner the other day… it was pretty cool! I’m sure there are many kids who’d love to figure out something like that!

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Marlaine! The heavier ones are my favorite also. I also saw a video on DIY’ing a Lego fidget spinner. Right after that, I watched DIY’ing a GUMMY FIGET SPINNER. Can you saw eww. HAHAHA

      Thank’s for your comment!


  5. ShirleyJH615

    I saw the demonstration similar on QVC about spinners, but I don’t know if they are the same. But if they are easy to make I think I would prefer my grandchildren make their own. I know they would enjoy it better if they could sit and enjoy a toy they made. I learn a lot more about the fidget spinners on youtube as you suggested. It is a cool toy even for an adult.

    1. Ally (Post author)

      Hi, Shirley! Yes, I agree that children enjoy their own creations more than something that is bought. I also believe that children benefit from the construction process in many other ways. Such as, using different materials, eye hand coordination, and small motor skills. Even an older child/person needs to practice these things in order to find their strengths and work on their weaknesses. I myself should have practiced writing neatly when I was younger. HAHA.

      Thanks for your comment!



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