3 More Long Spinning Fidget Spinners Pt. 2

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I’ve found some new fidgets for you!!


A few months back I wrote an article called 5 Long Spinning Fidget Spinners where I listed what I found as best at that time. Well, that was back in May and it looks like most of them are no longer available (at least under the same name).That prompted me to go back and create a new list.

It seems to me that since the rush of fidget spinner mania was sudden and the market got oversaturated pretty quickly, vendors needed to go back to the drawing board and rebrand with a solid game plan. That prompted me to go back and create a new list!


Atesson Fidget Spinner

Here’s another Atesson brand spinner! I mentioned a much prettier one in my original post but I found this one worth mentioning this time around.

It has a solid steel bearing which should really help performance and durability. Atesson’s description of the product state that you should get a spin time of 4-10 minutes but when I went through the reviews from customers, I quickly noticed many people mentioning 11 min + spin times!


Maibtkey Tri Prime Fidget

As you see in the image to the left, this company states that you can expect a 6-8 minute spin time. Not too shabby for the price. I love this rainbow effect and the cool design. It looks similar to the Atesson spinner mentioned in my last fidget article but this one has some physical upgrades.

Maibtkey earned a few extra points in my eyes because this spinner comes with a soft shell case. It’s also great that the case zippers shut. We’ve had many fidgets that come with little tin cases that have a separate top and bottom. The bad thing about those is that they sometimes get dented or open if they fall.

The company also has a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty on parts!


WARRIOR Fidget Spinner

Here’s another winner of the day. It’s lightweight but still very sturdy and balanced. we all know balance is key when it comes to fidgets! Its made of high-quality ABS plastic which should make it pretty resistant to scratches that you get with metal spinners.

My favorite part of this particular spinner is definitely the look. The performance does seem to be pretty good but in my opinion, something that you plan on using on an ongoing basis needs to also look good. The seller and some reviewers have said that this spinner spins for about 4-6 minutes on average.

Ready to try something new?Dollar sign

Maybe you should consider a spinning top. I must warn you, if you decide to go this route, you will need to chalk up some extra cash to get a really good one. Heere’s one of my favorites on the market right now.  Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!!

RollSpin Totem Top


The RollSpin top is high on my list because it’s pocket-sized. If you are looking for a top that you can take to work or on a long trip, this may be the right one for you! It’s lightweight and has a great bottom bearing which helps it to achieve a spin time of about 5-7 minutes.

It comes in a cute little wooden box and includes a great soft carrying bag. The shiny finish is a treat to the eye while the expert construction makes it a gem to spin. This will surely help you relax on a rough day!



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