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I’m Back!

Hi Everyone! I’ve been gone for a while now. Why did I take a break? Well, believe me, it was for a good reason (if I can say so myself!). I gave birth to a […]

How to Potty Train Your Toddler in a Week or Less!

Potty training kids is very exciting but it is also can be extremely stressful if not done the right way. So, what exactly is the right way? Unfortunately, the right way still involves lots of input […]

3 More Long Spinning Fidget Spinners Pt. 2

I’ve found some new fidgets for you!!   A few months back I wrote an article called 5 Long Spinning Fidget Spinners where I listed what I found as best at that time. Well, that was back […]

Mario Kart 8 Mini Anti-Gravity RC Racer

Ready for some Mario Kart 8 racing in real life? The Mario Kart Anti Gravity Racer is a remote controlled car for young children that brings the Mario Kart 8 experience to life. With 2 driving […]

Not My Hands Kids Challenge Ideas!

Get Ready to Laugh Have you seen the “Not my Hands” challenges going around on YouTube? In these challenges, Player 1 does the talking and doesn’t use their hands at all. Player 2 stands behind […]